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Friends of the Environment

An eco-friendly hotel in Madonna di Campiglio


Eco-friendly hotel in Madonna di Campiglio

The satisfaction of choosing an eco-friendly hotel in Madonna di Campiglio

It has been a century since Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann wrote “The Magic Mountain“.

Since then, unfortunately, humans have often failed to preserve the great value of pristine ecosystems, so today there is an increasingly felt need for adequate environmental awareness.

Fortunately, many travellers are beginning to travel more consciously, trying to limit their environmental impact as much as possible and seeking eco-friendly hotels that share the values of sustainable tourism.

That’s why we invite you to Cerana Relax Hotel, which is at the forefront every day, promoting tourism in synergy with the territory and nature.

Recharge your Porsche here

(or any other electric car)

We have been selected as Porsche Destination Charging Partner. You can find us on the official map of partner facilities and as an official partner, you can charge your Porsche for free here!

Since the socket is of European standard, you can also use the service for charging all hybrid or electric cars.

Porsche Charging: free of charge (as Porsche Destination Charging Partner)
Recharging other hybrid or electric cars: with surcharge

Contact us without obligation for any questions or further information!

Pellet Heating

We use a pellet boiler for heating, a renewable and low-impact energy source, reducing carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Photovoltaic System

We have a photovoltaic system that allows us to generate clean and renewable energy, reducing our energy footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change.

Thermal Insulation

We have installed thermal insulation that improves the structure’s insulation, reducing heat loss and energy consumption for heating and cooling.

High-Performance Home Automation

We use advanced home automation systems that allow us to efficiently manage energy and guest comfort. They automatically recognise open windows and adjust heating accordingly. Additionally, lights turn off automatically when not needed, contributing to energy savings.

Sustainability-Conscious Suppliers

We prefer to collaborate with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability. This ensures that the products and services we use comply with environmental and social standards.

If, like us, you love the mountains and nature of Trentino, choose an eco-friendly hotel for your next vacation in Madonna di Campiglio. You can rest and dream in rooms built with Swiss stone pine wood, the “heartwood” that also protects sleep quality.


We look forward to welcoming you!

Cerana Relax Hotel
Via Fevri, 16 38086 Madonna di Campiglio TN - Italy