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Adamello Park

Fire and water mountains, this and much more is waiting for you in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park

Mountain enthusiasts are above all nature lovers, and for this reason, during your next holiday in Madonna di Campiglio, you must not forget to visit the Adamello Brenta Park.

The park’s inhabitants

There are many animals that you can observe inside the Adamello Natural Park, the largest in the Trentino area. Thanks to a recent repopulation project, we can see the brown bear, but also roe bucks, deer, chamois, foxes, badgers, grouse, marmots, partridges and many other species.

Naturally the flora reigns supreme: there are 1,300 plant species in the park, 25 million trees and 700 km of marked paths.

Take advantage of the trips organised by the Park Authority; these are suitable for all family members and especially for all those who love nature.

Two worlds that are so close, yet these two elements that are so different

One of the first things that surprises you about the Adamello Brenta Park is the diversity of the two areas in which it is divided.

In fact, over an area di 620 km2, you can find an incredible biodiversity, the true wealth of the park:
  • The fire mountain

    the part of the Adamello-Presanella massif, towards west, was created by fire (magmatic rocks) and paradoxically today it is the kingdom of water, given that there are glaciers, torrents and above all many enchanting lakes.
  • The water mountain

    the eastern part of the park is dominated by the Brenta Dolomites that, in spite of the rigid climate that can be found today, this originally emerged from the tropical sea. Here you can admire an enchanting succession of peaks and panoramic precipices: the best backgrounds for your photos.
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